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All downloads original posted here will remain available, however they have also been reposted at Dreamwidth and any updates of them will take place there, not here.
All new posts will occur at Dreamwidth.
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No paysites & provide credit.
See full TOU here.
 My Trusty To Do List:
– Complete a request for ‘Magic, The Gathering Cards’.
– Witch book recolours + stand.
– Deco book rextures.
Cart edits/retextures.
–  XM Hair 2 (recolour, bin, picture, post).
– Recolour this chair.
– I’ve been scouring SimplyStyling for items to recolour so they are more useful to me / those who like used/grungy/darker furniture. I’ve got a whole folder full & haven’t finished the site yet xD
–  Stop giving myself so many projects ?


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I now have a Dreamwidth account (aren’t I cool?). I won’t be fiddling with it until after the HSC, and I haven’t decided whether to upload everything there or not yet.  I like having everything in one place, & it’ll be a hassle to keep one & not the other. PLUS I have comments here & it makes me feel loved xD  However I love being able to hide things behind a cut, like on LJ. If I do change, I’ll probably take a lot better pictures from my older objects/hairs etc.

Anyway, that means I have invite codes now (?) so I can send them out if people need them. I’m assuming I have them anyway.

Study is going alright! I’ve done a little bit of simming during my breaks to relax, atm I’m retexturing a male hair & a few Simply Styling objects (two plants, a walltowel thing & some money). I’ll upload them next time I have a quick peak into my game.

Into The Fire, She Swallowed Their Hate – Silent Hill Clothing / Hair Recolours.

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Pyramid head

Textures: L4D (extracted by Poe @ GOS), Silent Hill (extracted by tempural @ GOS), SimCribbing (skin) & Ken Murikumo Originals @ MTS2.
Meshes: Ken Murikumo @ MTS2 (not included).
Notes: Included are 3 pyramid head recolours (custom male hair) – original grey texture + a little bit of blood, reddish metal, reddish metal + blood & 2 outfits – a bloody one & a clean one. To get the best looking Pyramid head Sim I’d suggest using Ken’s invisible head skin (included in his download) so that the ears don’t stick out the back of the helmet. To view body shop images of the recolours click here. The torso is actually part of the clothing mesh and the easiest way to recolour it is simply to extract a skin you want and paste it on the right spot. If you want to recolour it and upload it somewhere, please provide credit to me (perferably link!) for the rest of the retexuting (eg. skirt). I’m also willing to do a couple of extra skin recolours if you  ask politely & link me to the skin you want. I’m not going to do massive editing on it however, and at best you’ll get a clean version + a blood splashed one.  You can include this with your sims as long as you provide credit + no paysites.

Download Here.

Deliver Me Into My Fate – Updates, Real-Life, Music & A Somewhat Hiatus.

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Just a few quick updates:
I’ve uploaded a zip version of my grungy army gear for someones who computer doesn’t like R AR files. For others, I’d suggest downloading WinRAR (free!) which also does Zip and other files along with RAR.
I’ve retextured a Silent Hill Pyramid outfit & helmet for a GOS request, there are 3 helmet recolours & 2 clothing recolours. You can find them here. I’ll upload them soon here, I just need to get an ingame picture or two.

I want to enter a Sims competition 0: Mainly one at GOS, but at the moment there isn’t one running. I might contact the Mods at the end of  the month (after my exams are finished) and attempt to host one. I won’t be able to enter it, but at least I’ll be able to do an example entry or something. I’d have two ideas that I’d like to do:
 – the general decorate the shell of a room thing (already done a lot @ GOS, but I still like it ;D).
 – something similar to our English creative writing, where they give you stimulus (eg. it might be a choice of three different Sim objects – a lounge, deco food & a broken car etc or then again, it may not be) and  the person has to pick one and include it in the picture/story/photoshoot whatever and have it as a fairly centrepiece object.

E X A M S . Yes, I did mention that horrible word. In about two weeks, I will be beginning my HSC (Higher School Certificate). That’s pretty much a big thing for me, my last high school exam ever. If I do well I’ll get a high ATAR and be able to secure myself a position in the university courses that I want. I’m not an idiot, so I’ll do fairly well but I’m not a genius so I do need to do that extra little bit of revision. If I’m not hugely active here or in communities (which I’m not really anyway xD) then I’m probably off studying (I hope!).

Btw, if you’re wondering why ‘L4D’ is so often tagged on my posts it’s because the extracted textures are the staple of my retexturing and I use them for just about everything.

Onto something completely different, my friend sent this song – ‘Snuff’ by Slipknot – and it is actually really good (I think anyway). I like it a lot ;D I need to get it! Speaking of music, the theme song for Ben10 is actually pretty cool, I like the way it sounds.

Back to something Sim related, this chair is cool. I might try and do some recolours of it when I have some free time.

Take Me To The April Sun In Cuba – 3 Cart, Mesh Edits + 30 Recolours.

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Header 3 meshes, each with 10 recolours.

Textures: L4D (extracted by Poe @ GOS), Sims In Paris & Pooklet for the yellow.
Meshes: Edits (by me) of Sims In Paris (included).
Notes: These should be base  game compatible, if they are not working then let me know. Now onto something a little more important. These three carts are edits of a mesh from Sims In Paris (Bathrooms, page 3) and I DID NOT create them. I simply chopped off the deco in one and deleted bits/shuffled things around in the other, as well as retexturing them. I am looking at SiP’s F.A.Q right now and I see nothing that forbids the editing of their mesh (they do ask that they are not included, but too me that is not the same thing as editing). Like I said, the original mesh is not mine and I have actually stated that on the description in the buy catelog (original by SiP etc). Deco only.

HAHA if you have a look at the yellow texture in simPE you’ll notice I quite literally pookleted it AKA copy paste hair  texture. YES. It is a hair texture. I sorta did it as a joke and it turned out decent xD

TOU: I have no problem with you including these mesh edits (unless you put them on paysites) but I would like you to link back to here please and provide credit. It would be nice if you could provide SiP for the original mesh as well! I’d love to see if you recolour them / even use them in a photoshoot btw (:

Colours 1

Colours 2

Colours 3

Colours 4



Download Here.

Don’t Wanna Be Friends For Dinner! – 13 Bound Book Recolours.

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Book Header Textures: Almighty Hat @ GOS
Mesh: Mirake single book (included).
Notes: Firstly, I would suggest downloading this book by Azaya @ GOS. It’s a smaller, slaved (meaning it will take all textures from Mirake’s original) version of Mirake’s book – you can see their sizes compared in the header/photo with the chest. Very handy. Almighty Hat @ GOS was super kind (& awesome & amazing) and offered the PSDs that she used to create her Maxis default replacment books (go download! Now!) so I transfered them to some deco books. I intend to do it to a few more different books at a later date as well.

I love books bound like this. I recently brought a few at a local book fair just because they looked purdy. I will read them eventually I hope xD

ingame all


Download here.

Keep Your Friends Close & Your Cupcakes Closer – Mesh Edits / Recolours.

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All three cart meshes work in game! *cheers*
& they don’t replace anything / have mysterious textures. They should be uploaded in the next couple of days once I do some retextures of them. It was suggested I master/slave them but at the momment I’m not feeling confident enough to try. However they will be fairly simple to retexture as they all have the same map. If you retexture one you can just slap the same texture/map thing onto one of the other versions and it will work just as well (exactly what I intend to do!).

I’ve also almost finished retexturing Mirake’s books from TSR. I think I have about 4 more to do. They look rather nice if I do say so myself.